We at Cornerstone School are proud to be responsible for the food provision within school. One of the main aims is to ensure healthy eating for all the students regardless of means or background, ideally through provision of a well-balanced school meal,served in a welcoming environment in a way that is convenient for each students needs. A healthy balanced snack/lunch is provided to improve pupils concentration, attention, energy levels and academic performance as a result to improve the overall results obtained by students and the standing of the school as a whole.

We encourage children to eat slowly. Therefore time of thirty minutes is allotted for the lunch hour. We understand that a child can detect hunger and fullness better when they eat slowly. This gives their brain time to register fullness. A nutritious and interesting menu is designed by our nutritionist keeping in mind the health requirements of the students. Over consumption of sweetened drinks and sodas have been linked to increased rates of obesity in children, therefore these unhealthy drinks are not allowed in school, not even during special occasions. Students are encouraged to drink water the whole school day for water retention and muscle care.