Elementary school

In Cornerstone School Elementary Section operates from grade 1 till 5.There are 5 years of Elementary (Primary) school. As your child goes through these grades, he/she will participate in a challenging, developmentally appropriate curriculum, enriched by unique experiences that occur in each classroom.Students are encouraged to work productively with others in teams and participate in student-led discussions by eliciting and considering suggestions from other group members and by identifying points of agreement and disagreement.Literacy, Mathematics, Social Sciences are further fostered through the students’ use of the technology and the manner in which our oldest students convey, present, and express their learning experiences. All analytical and higher order thinking skills are incorporated into this summative year of knowledge and performances.

Students of Elementary School have the opportunity to develop the concept of a scientific model and engage in design and construction. Students design experiments to help reinforce the inquiry skills that are essential for scientific thinking.We have a balanced Literacy approach to the teaching of reading and writing. In this approach reading and writing are not compartmentalized but are combined to support student learning comprehensively. Literature is the mainstay of the reading program. Students read fiction and nonfiction materials that encompass all content areas. Instruction occurs in whole class, small group and individual settings.Writing is supported by the teacher and by other students in the classroom. This approach allows students to write about topics of their own choosing, to experiment with their writing style and to practice their revision and editing skills.