At Cornerstone preschool we strive to create a warm and stimulating environment where learning is fun. We engage in activities that promote and extend childrens’ curiosity and awareness of their world. Our primary focus is learning through play and exploration. We encourage children to grow in confidence, self-esteem and independence. We treat each child as an individual who has needs that should be met in an atmosphere that celebrates diversity. We will nurture your child’s social and emotional skills. We want children, parents and staff to learn together and for all to develop to their maximum potential. Cornerstone preschool is a framework for learning, development and care for children from 3 to 5 years. Play is vital for children. It is through play that babies and young children learn, grow and have fun. It helps them understand the world around them and develop socially and emotionally.

Singing songs, reading together, playing games with letters and numbers, and having fun with friends give them a head start. That means not just a happy childhood but also a confident one, so they can handle what life may bring them. It is not about introducing a curriculum for young children or making them read or write before they are ready. It means being sure that each individual child is learning through high quality play and montesssori equipment so that they develop at their own pace- having fun, making friends, learning as they play and becoming confident, secure children who, when the time comes, are better prepared for school -not pushed, not pressured but ready to reach their potential. At Cornerstone preschool we take into account that all children are individuals with their own characteristics and temperament. All children develop and mature at different rates making their progress unique to them. Every area of development — physical, cognitive, linguistic, spiritual, social and emotional, is equally important. Warm, trusting relationships with knowledgeable adults support childrens’ learning more effectively than any amount of resources.