Shadow Teaching

Every Child Matters
Embracing the philosophy of Inclusive Education, we at Cornerstone School believe that every child brings something unique to the classroom in terms of strengths that we can build on to maximize their possibilities for growth and success. Keeping the child in mind, we tailor our educational programmes accordingly to meet the unique needs of these differently abled minds. Thus, ensuring that they embark on a meaningful journey of learning with us and reach their maximum potential. Our goal for each individual student is a more effective, independent and improved quality of life.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all pedagogy, we have developed a highly individualized program as per the educational and behavioral needs of each student and have incorporated variety of teaching methodologies to bring out the best in them. With the combined efforts of a diligent team of professionals, the Individualized Educational Plan is implemented to foster academic excellence and success. Each student is assigned a highly skilled and qualified SEN assistance, entrusted with the student’s well-being, to provide additional guidance and support in order for the student to successfully integrate into the mainstream environment. Our system works towards gradually fading out the shadow support as our ultimate goal is to develop an independent learner.