Pioneering education since 2015, CSS inspires young learners to be the leaders of tomorrow. We curate a path for our students toward a future beyond imagination, toward challenges that require complex, global, and bold responses. This results in producing academically successful, curious critical thinkers, courageous, self-assured, reflective risk-takers, problem solvers, and global-minded contributors. We provide an environment where our students are nurtured to make a positive difference when they grow up. We give to our students so they can give back to society. Over the years, we have built a special place where ideas are brought to life, to inspire the generation of tomorrow. Our expert and qualified faculty are trained to evolve with 21st-century skills and develop a curriculum according to the standards of our academic partners in Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge. Our curriculum encourages inquiry-based, student-centric, and active learning methodologies. We promote strong ethics, diversity, and sustainable environmental practices. We create empathy in our students for local and global communities. These attributes make Cornerstone a second Home for life. We take great pride in our students and our alumni for what they contributed and who they are. CSS is committed to going forward with a vision of a better future for all.


DIRECTOR's Message

“Cornerstone is your child’s “second home”. We cherish a vision of intellectual excellence to build a refined and well-groomed individual whose destiny is to arrive at their goals, that is a successful life ahead. We have an ingenious and innovative academic team.


wajeeha raoof, director


“We are striving to drive in a global educational environment based on reflective guidance and enduring knowledge together with the societal values towards achieving individual excellence and life goals.”


“We at Cornerstone aim to build and foster our future young leaders by shaping their intellect with the desired knowledge, skills, abilities, and character enabling them to briskly fit into the society to help create a great and happy world. To achieve our goal of educational excellence in the international educational environment, we are working with schools, government, and international organizations to develop and implement our programs blended with best practices and evaluation mechanisms. Our educational programs help our young ones to be caring towards themselves and others, and develop a taste for learning in whatever they do and wherever they are.”


Wajeeha Raoof


HAJRA jahangir

Head Central office, Founding Principal

Maritza Castillo Shahid

Principal, CSS Global Campus

Sidra Usman

Headmistress , Lakeview Campus

Uzma Adnan

Vice Principal, Global Campus

Azeema husnain

Vice Principal, PTCHS


The curriculum we are following is Montessori in Preschool along with iProgress. The iProgress family includes iPrimary, iLowersecondary, International GCSE, and A level. The awarding body of these qualifications is Edexcel Pearson, which is the UK’s largest awarding board. Our Matriculation Department is affiliated with (BISE) or Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore covering Lahore Districts in Punjab, Pakistan.

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