Our mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and cutting-edge care for individuals of all ages with neurodevelopmental disorders. We are committed to promoting the well-being and maximizing the potential of every individual we serve. Our dedicated team of experts collaborates to offer personalized assessment, intervention, and support to help individuals and their families navigate the challenges and celebrate the achievements that come with neurodevelopmental differences. Through research, education, and advocacy, we strive to create a more inclusive and understanding society where everyone can thrive.

Embracing the philosophy of distinction, Cornerstone School provides distinctive programs under one roof. Keeping in view, the crucial part of a child’s learning, we provide Special Education and inclusion setup with other essential programs and services which are required. 

Speech & Language therapy

Ages 3 - 11

Our SLTs at the speech and language therapy department work with children within the full range of educational settings, from early years through to higher education. Our core role is to support and enable children to reach their full communicative and educational potential and remove or reduce the barriers that their speech, language, and communication needs present to their learning.

Special education needs (SEN)

Ages 3 - 11

Instead of a one-size-fits-all system, we have developed a highly individualized program as per the educational and behavioral needs of each student and have incorporated a variety of teaching methodologies to bring out the best in them. With the combined efforts of a diligent team of professionals, the Individualized Educational Plan is implemented to foster academic excellence and success. Each student is assigned a highly skilled and qualified SEN assistant, entrusted with the student’s well-being, to provide additional guidance and support in order for the student to successfully integrate into the mainstream environment. Our system works towards gradually fading out the shadow support as our ultimate goal is to develop an independent learner.



Ages 3 - 16

SIP Smart since 2015 and counting, is an educational program that aims to teach children about sugary drinks and to raise their awareness of the importance of making healthy drink choices.  Sugary drinks are heavily marketed to children, youth, and adults and it is very common to see these drinks at schools. Cornerstone School has brought a change by introducing our Sip Smart Program by promoting healthier drinking habits in our students and that is only fresh, clean, and safe drinking water. RO plants facility provides fresh & clean water at all times which further reduces the need of carrying water bottles.


Ages 3 - 11

A classroom-based program designed to make students aware of how much time they spend in front of screens while encouraging them to choose healthy physical or recreational activities.



GRADE 6 - 8

CSS aims at promoting and supporting youth as leaders, Youth engaged in Leadership & Learning Program focuses on the youth as leaders; it is ultimately about creating lasting social change. Leadership development is not an end but a means to participation in and the creation of a more just and equitable society in which youth are valued and have the opportunity to be productive and connected citizens who make meaningful contributions – now and throughout their adult lives.

sun smart PROGRAM

AGES 3 - 16

Sun safety is an important health and safety issue for Cornerstone School. We are committed to sun safety through the installation of shade coverings where students congregate. The following are the precautions that we encourage to be taken by children and adults to avoid sunburn, sun/heat stroke, and dehydration.


Roots & Wings Autism & Neurological Development Center (RWANDC)

AGES 3 - 11

Roots & Wings Autism & Neurological Development Center (RWANDC) is a therapeutic program that offers a one-stop solution for children with neuro-developmental disabilities by offering a multifaceted interventional approach that is individualized to their strengths, needs, and challenges. With the underlying philosophy of tri-lateral focus,  the service delivery model of RWANDC results in empowered parenting, evidence-based practices, and inclusion for all.

student internship program

Grade 6 - 8

At Cornerstone School we thrive to provide opportunities for our students to have a variety of exceptional and distinctive experiences which prepares them for life beyond their studies. We offer internship experience for our students in a particular career field of their choice to help them guide their career exploration. Students who participate in the internship program work with professionals in that particular career field within the school site to gain experience and insight into their chosen career interests.

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