We know that many families depend upon safe and consistent bus service to transport their children to school. Cornerstone school keeps countless benefits into consideration when it comes to the provision of multiple facilities to our students. We provide safe, secure and climate controlled transport services to the students in order to make sure they reach and depart school on time. A security guard and a well-intentioned nanny travel along with our bus students. This service can be grabbed only on a first come first serve basis.





A combination of a positive mind and fitness comes from regularly attending the gym for physical exercises and meditation. Achieving this in today’s world is an important part of a student’s growth. Cornerstone School has an air-conditioned gym with equipment for toning and proper weight management. We have hired qualified and experienced gym instructors for both boys and girls. The use of the gym instills the energy that will eventually favor our future energetic leaders. It boosts inner confidence, determination, self-efficacy, and willingness to accomplish difficult yet possible goals. Students are given time during school hours to use this facility wisely. It has been widely proven that exercises or workout makes one efficient and productive.

Locker Access

At CSS student lockers play an important role in ensuring the health and well-being of our students. It makes students responsible enough to remember to carry the required books home for homework.



Our Physical Education (PE) curriculum is designed to provide a premier opportunity for our future generation to learn fundamental aquatic skills among other matchless expertise. The importance of water safety and health robustness cannot be downgraded. Our swimming pool is specially developed for preschool, elementary, and high school. Students are given a platform to polish their skills under the guidance of trained instructors. We make sure to follow safety protocols and keep our swimming pool hygienic. Also, we provide our students with changing rooms and locker access.

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Cornerstone School understands the utmost and immediate significance of medical aid that should be close on hand in any educational institute. Our well-equipped infirmary along with a certified nurse takes care of your child whether emotionally or physically. In our approach to maintaining health, we aim to achieve the very highest of standards. Teachers ensure that students requiring medical attention should receive it and that all medications given are recorded and checked. We also ensure that parents are kept fully informed regarding a student’s health not only in the case of major concerns but also in case of minor ailments.



CSS has libraries for all departments starting from pre-school to high school. Our school libraries are a hub of independent learning and development, integrating information resources from various fields including technology innovations, social and economic prospects. It provides a flexible and motivating ambiance to execute inquiry-based programs that are essential for creative learning and writing. Students are provided with a space to read books of their interest, critically analyze, organize the jotted information, and convey their findings. 



From traditional Pakistani dishes to the Continental recipes collection, our well trained nutritionist streamlines the hygienic and healthy ingredients in account to prepare a healthy generation with the sound mind and insights. We have added smart details to our special Food & Nutrition Lab designed for the sole purpose to let our students learn how to cook, prefer number of beneficial nutrients, and keeping oneself safe at the same time while cooking the best in flavor and healthy food. We offer food and nutrition lesson as a fun-learning-session, in which we conduct fun worksheets, recreational activities, cooking, baking, salads and dessert making. This bestows a rich learning experience to our preschool, middle and high school students.




Cornerstone is proud to provide a healthy, hygienic and a balanced diet to our students from all backgrounds. We encourage children to eat slowly. Therefore time of fifteen minutes for snack and thirty minutes is allotted for the lunch break. Eating slowly without any rush helps one to examine the extent of hungriness and gives the brain some time to register fullness. A nutritious and interesting menu is designed by our nutritionist keeping in mind the health requirements of the students. We do not allow and provide sweetened drinks and sodas that cause obesity in children. We encourage students to drink water the whole school day for adequate hydration.


Our 3 (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) state-of-the-art science laboratories are based on the principles of gaining skills (inquiry, organizational, communicative), assimilating concepts (hypothesis, theoretical model, taxonomic category), procuring cognitive abilities (critical analysis, problem-solving, synthesis), interpreting the nature of science and multiple relationships between science and technology. We perceive that students can grasp the concepts well enough through advanced equipment in their respective laboratories. Therefore, Cornerstone school has allocated anatomy models, physics science kits, and chemistry science kits in our three main laboratories i.e., Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. We equip our laboratories every year with revised and upgraded instruments, specimens, charts, etc.



Computer education entails a substantial feature in students’ career development. This subject has widely spread across the board, to teach the basic technicalities of using the best of technology through computers. We have advanced versions of curriculum and plans that let students engage in projects which enable them to think out of the box and critically analyze various aspects of the assigned topics. Our specialist computer teachers conduct regular computer learning and operating sessions with students starting from the elementary level to high school. They are taught the use of computers in educational settings and how one can attain the maximum benefit out of modern technology.




Cornerstone School is Solar Powered since 2015. Our students are more aware of renewable energy and sustainability than ever before and they are proud to attend a school that shares this value. The solar energy system has allowed us to decrease our school’s carbon footprint by limiting greenhouse gas emissions.


Art has a never ending craving for developing strong insights. It is a bridge to fill the gap if any, that otherwise is difficult through textbooks. CSS has always meshed it with the curriculum to weave the artistic skills in our students. Our multi-dimensional art work is designed in such a way that it embraces learning by doing, shapes imagination, problem solving methods, and shellacs critical and philosophical contemplation.


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