About Us


Our aim at Cornerstone is to build a high spirited and supportive community of pupils, staff and parents to develop a conducive learning environment. Our goal is to prepare our students to build on the opportunities that life offers them, nurturing a sense of appreciation and enjoyment in their activities, while enabling them to learn and understand how they can contribute to the wider community.

Our goal is to help each student find their path to success in a way that will work best for them. To achieve this, we have designed a wide-ranging and varied curriculum, augmented by a vast array of extra-curricular activities, to enable our students to acquire skills, knowledge and confidence that will take them forward towards a prosperous future.

If you are a prospective parent, the best way to catch the spirit of our complaisant environment is to come and visit us. We look forward to meeting you!


We have a purpose-built campus equipped with unique, state of the art facilities including provisions for information and communications technology, a fully resourced library and enhanced teaching and dining facilities. We also have a range of sports facilities including a fully equipped indoor gym and playing field. Our aim to provide a a safe, exciting and stimulating for all students. We also provide a transport facility for all our students and faculty.

We have designed our curriculum to ensure that our students are able relish opportunities to learn cooperatively and outstandingly. Our broad and balanced curriculum caters to the needs of students at each individual level.We have set strong academic standards across the school and our students are encouraged to have high expectations for their academic achievements. Our wide curriculum enables students to pursue their academic interests across a vast range of fields, coupled with various extra-curricular opportunities which allow them to broaden their experience whilst gaining skills and confidence.